At The Barbeque

Cold chillin
Summer Summer Summer
Is my rhyme
Where you're going Father Time
What you doing eating chicken fingers stickin
Sun it shines
What's that mom
What you sayin what you say
Is it time
I can't believe it
I must have waited all my life
At least all winter for my right
To do this thing we always do
What's that I thought you knew
It's my families barbeque
Uncle Richard brings the chips
Aunt Elaine she makes the dip
Cousin Brian makes the franks
Little Rollo pulling pranks
Father Donald brings the steak
That mother Audrey has to make
We've got the park for the whole day
Volleyball sun and shade

At the barbeque
Take off our shoes
Got so much to do
Got so much to do
At the barbeque
Take off our shoes
At the barbeque
We got so much to do

Speakin of do
Have I told you about Joe
He's the cousin up to something
Going for the gold
He brings valium pies to the barbeque
With the Ex-lax cake and the Scooby Doo
Mixin dirty play with fun
Laughing it off with Rollo and Stums

You hear what i'm saying?

This year little Rollo and joe
Got crazier though
They fed me and Barbie some trick Doritos
Then we started to fly
We went up to the sky
On the tail of a comet
We were sittin on it
Then they took some M-80s
Blew up the grill at the gravys
While we were hanging out
With the alien ladies
Oh the alien ladies
Green glow heads
When you lay them down
On their alien beds
They sing their song
It goes
I just saw somebody that looked just like you
That walked just like you
I thought it was you
I said baby I'm from the planet earth
I've been there since birf, yeah
My vehicle is back in San Diego, CA
Real far away
But now I'm here
To love your space body
And whip out my wallet
And give you space money
To pay for your dinner
At space Mickey D’s
To buy space fries
Quarter Pounder space cheese
Onion rings a space Big Mac
A space Happy Meal
And some money