Intro 4

Ah bright new day
Think I'll have a cup of coffee
Ah, there's nothing like a cup of mud to ya get goin in the--
Say, I don't think I recognize that fella over there
Why's he looking at me there?
Hmm fine day isn't it friend?
Hmm, scuse me sir, did you hear the latest Eddie Fisher Album?
Yeah, I'm gonna call Red
Ah, hello Red boy
Say the other morning I was feeling a little bit bedraggled
Felt like a wet dishrag walking down the street
People were coming up to me saying
You don't have that normal stride like you normally do
That's why we call it normal
You seem abnormal today Red
What's the matter?
You know Red, you and me have been pals a long time right?
Well Red, now, this is kinda hard to say, but
There's something about the way you
Well I don't know what it is Red
There's just some sort of way I can't read you anymore Buddy
Can't read you like a book
Read you like I once could
What is it Red?
Is it a problem with the gal?
Has your draft card come up?
What's the matter?
Do your tea rations no longer serve your purpose?
What's your purpose in life red?
You want to know more and more and more
Red, knowledge isn't the answer
You can know every little bit of trivia in the book
Why You can even go on a quiz show and flaunt it
But that's not really gonna tell you about the truth in life
The truth in life red, is found at one place in life and one place only
That's the Algonquin!
Where they serve martinis from 5 to 7 for 50 cents a piece
50 cents a pop and you're feeling swell
Bring a gal with ya, and you get her in for free
Walk out with her and it's 23 skidoo for all of us there Red
Ha ha ha ha