Safe - “ROCK N’ ROLL IS TRUE EP” (Bonus Rejoice Era EP)

Hope just blew a hole clear through the sky
and the people who thought they'd known,
wondered why their thoughts came rushing to their minds...
it was just a no-show

Heaven-like love be inside
Heaven-like love be in time
exploding life and frame of mind, giving time
we can see safety in your eyes

Parent-child, you know
children, truth should be told
you were all once one of those
what you create is your own
you should know!

We woke up to a different day
some things had changed in so many ways
the sun had shone a different shade
we were afraid

We stretched ourselves across the land
we held ourselves to understand
we held our hands to understand
we did not understand!

With the God inside attained
and all regret passed off to blame
and all self-doubt given to shame
we all realized we were the same
we were safe