The Forest Dark and Deep

When your thoughts are asleep
the forest dark and deep
the wind begins to speak
you're far from home

Faces blank seem to stare
then vanish right into the air
were they ever even there?
you're far from home

The past, the dream, is dark and deep
it's fading into far away and dissolving into dust

Afraid of what is unknown
no place to hide in this home
can't look above or below
you're far from home

Is there some kind of light?
that can help see through the fight?
I thought it was already in sight
far from home

where is the innocence, the inner sense, the innocence?

Panic and fear and distrust
taking over all of us
something must give in if it must
we're far from home

What was clean is un-pure
what was known is unsure
nothing seems right anymore
we're far from home