Intro 1

Hiya Red, how are ya?
Say, I don't need much today
It's such a beautiful day
It's crisp and cold outside
I'd like to do me a little bit of outdoor exercise, sure
Well all I need is a pair of blades
Hey fix the blades, Charlie
All you need are blades
And love
And a martini
Ahh nertz to Rockefeller center
I prefer Wolman Rink
Uh say Red, look at that daisy cream puff pirouetting in the middle of the rink
Think I'll go over there and join her
Say baby if you stop spinning, you get to see me a little clearer
Well a hey nahnee nahnee and a ha cha cha
Who put the chiffon on you there, cumquat?
Oh absolutely
Come on! I'll show you a good time, sure!
How about a triple lutz, and a camel
Speaking of a camel
Got a light for my lucky?