Red Octopus>Pastel Tweed>Red Octopus - The Crypt E.P.


Red Octopus


La la la la la la, la la la la la la

Baby let me tell you, baby let me smell you
low tide wigglin' squigglin' all around you

Makin' up a muddy brown stew

It's my newest, it's my caraway seed
and even if you're Jewish, in pastel tweed
in pastel tweed

Baby what a stretchy workout
colonic coffee gets the murk out
doesn't matter baby if you're sixty
eyes are buggin out like a fuckin' pixie

Well all the coke burned outcha now, the bitches smoke
and I don't know where you gone
you take the grains of sand out of my hand now
I seen you on the surf
I stick my nose inside your turf
and I've killed another man now
I killed him again, he was my friend
I killed him again, and then I made love to this man
In pastel tweed
I love you, man.


Red octopus

Take your base, son