Quiz Show Spy

Aw Yeah
This one goes out to my main homies in The Sound of Urchin
My main homie Doo Doo Brown
My main homie Reverend B. Ill
My main homie Hollywood Scotty Choc on the cell phone and the Styx
My main homie me
And my man Chris Shaw on the mix
And my man Mickey, and my man Josh, and my man the punisher stick
And Bill poon and all that
And PBS style, quiz show style, and the rock and roll style
We do it like this, we do it like this
One two, one two three OW!

What's up what's up
I barbie smooth on the cut
I'm number one and no one’s stepping up
Too bad I’m fat, seem overweight and all that, see
Eating onion rings, biggie fries, big mac, see
Horse winnie
Cows moo
Dogs bark
Fuck you

I'm rappin’ and you
You're making doo doo
Doo doo Barbie Smooth, see
He’s cool and you, see
I'm a spy, I'm a spy
Spy I'm a spy
Telescope in my eye
Pistol in my thigh
Sour cream ham on rye
Grenade hand gun tie
Machine gun tie
Bomb gutton fly,
Spare eye stye
Don't ask me why

Cuz i'm on a mission like Bond, see
Got a secret treasure in the pond, see
I use a snorkel hose to breathe, see
To find tons of gold for me, me
Like Publisher’s Clearing House MacMahon
Dick Clark giving me a hundred grand, Urchin

Bring it down
Bring it on home
Bring it on home

And testify
And keep one eye on the spy
Chef boy ar dee, cold ravioli
Got a camera inside, now your face on the telly
In the back room of the smith street deli
Peanut, peanut butter, jelly
Put some gold in my throat and the diamons in my belly

Oh rock and roll Urchin
Rock and roll town
Rock and roll time
Bring it down, bring it down