Fearless Vampire Killers

Well it’s 5 AM, I gotta find myself a cab
I’m way past the point of needin’ it bad
I’ve done my job tonight
I’ve cleaned the streets
I’m gone, I’m safe
I got the relay from the radio on
I got the sun, thank God
And the people who care
And I’ll leave this city when I’ve had it up to here
But there are good things to come
And I remember when
I saw ya last baby
When will I see you again

Well, I remember the time
You know, like it was yesterday
When I was combin’ through the mass of lower Broadway
I had the focus on
And the fire in my eyes
As I was getting closer to the searchlight
Then within a couple seconds the rockets blew off
It was the biggest explosion that I ever saw
When the smoke had settled
I let out a sigh
And sat to catch my breath down by the riverside, yeah

And then the lights came through
And I didn’t move
You were coming through
And I felt the pulse move through my right hand
Cause what I got from you it came from them

Well now I’m here and I can see the sun
And I’m livin’ my life like anyone
And it’s hard to believe in the things you can’t see
But can feel and remember to be totally
And I think this is the future and that was the past
But a part of me doesn’t fully believe that
Cause I know your somewhere
Caught in between
The space behind the sky that hangs above me