Dracula Bite

Fresh off the vine
Babies pumping out wine
Drink some more you'll feel fine
Can you taste the divine?

Burnt to a crisp
Bottle rocket in fist
Sparks fly out of your wrist
Can you believe the bliss of this?

Friends rolling all together
Hand holding through the weather
Can you believe the love?

Sparklers light up the summer night sky
And the welling inside
Makes you joyfully cry

Old pirate's cove
Palm trees sway in the flow
Hurricane twister throw
Can you handle the row home?

So, give me a blast of life
Let dracula take the bite
It won't hurt you anymore
It can't hurt you anymore
Your free as a bird inside
You'll fly with the turning tide
And nothing, nothing's worth less the ride

Heat from the flame
Makes you close to insane
Can you handle the pain?
Or do you feel inhumane?

So pick off the tree
Something sweeter to eat
Take a bite and you'll see
You can trust everything

Can you believe the love?