Don't Make A Sound

Have you seen the vicious, the hungry and delicious? Alright!
Who grant you all your wishes and make you feel malicious? Alright!
And do you trust the liar, the keeper of the fire, who make you pay the price?
You know you can't inspire the cheap to be the buyer,
not unless you ask them twice, alright!

Now are you feeling better, bound in your favorite sweater? Alright!
Your face is getting redder and your hands are getting wetter, alright!
And do you ever tire of the same old coiled wire that can grip just like a vice?
The mountains getting higher, and there's clothes left in the drier,
and the hold's as cold as ice, alright!

Don't make a sound, your head is spinning round
Stare in the clouds and don't ever look back down