Quiz Show Spy

Yeah she
Whatsup whatsup she
Lemme talk to you
Yo whatsup she
Quiz Show on the 21 style
Whatsup Ally Frankel shaves her nipples like Don Rickles
Shirts and skins I’m in
Ya know what I’m sayin
Ya know what I’m sayin

This one goes out to my man Barbie Smooth she
And Harvard Law she
And the Quiz Show she
And the 21 she
In the style and the place to be she

What's up what's up
Barbie Smooth on the cut
I'm number one no one’s stepping up
Too bat I’m fat, she overweight and all that, she
I’m eatin onion rings, biggie fries, big mac, she
Horse winnie
Cows moo
Dogs bark
Fuck you

I'm rappin’ and you
You're making doo doo
Doo doo Barbie Smooth, she
He’s cool and you, she
I'm a spy, I'm a spy
Spy I'm a spy
Telescope in my eye
Pistol in my thigh
Grenade ham on rye
Sour Cream handgun tie
Machine gun tie
Bomb gutton fly,
Spare eye stye
Don't ask me why

Cuz i'm cold on a mission like Bond, she
They got a secret treasure in the pond, she
I use a snorkel hose to breathe, she
To find tons of gold for me, me
Like Publisher’s Clearing House MacMahon
Dick Clark giving me a hundred grand
She, yeah, boyee, whatsup she

Quiz Show in the motherfuckin’ house
In the place to be
Like 21, like Robert Redford
Like motherfuckin Harvard MacMahon
Van Doren, in the motherfuckin place to be
ABC, ya know what I’m sayin
Channel 13, ya know what I’m sayin
Old time TV, old school, ABC
Whatsup yo
Gimme the motherfuckin ABCDEFGHIJK
And the motherfuckin AK
And I’m out.