August The 17th - The Crypt E.P.

Summertime, spend some time
Share a line on 2nd and 9th Street
Come with me, walking's free, way downtown

Over night, packaged right
Noah's down the alley on Avenue D
Out of his mind, hopin' to find it, way downtown

How could I forget, August the 17th
Layin' on the mattress, lookin' at the ceiling
How could I forget, August the 17th
Nothin' but future in front of me
How could I forget, with nothing to regret... yet

Summertime, unending night
took me eight days to come back to life
nothing's left, a shell of myself, and I don't care

Don't bother knockin', no one's home
I checked out four hours ago
Breeze is blowing, I am goin’ way downtown