Last December

Last december, I found my way to the center
Feeling brave, I felt my way through the dark cave
I met a bad man clutching on to a trash can
Picking through scraps
Taking some bites then puttin em back

I know, I know, I know that this must sound crazy
But when I got to the bottom, everything looked just a little less hazy to me
Just so you know, that's just the way that things go

Last december, I hoped to find something better
I combed the streets, looking for something better to eat
I met a bad man pushing crap at a newstand
Offering ways
Making up plans and taking up days

So I hopped on to a bus
The bus, the bus was filling up
I hoped with all my luck it would be the one I want so much
So just drop me off right here, I'd rather walk the extra block
Don't worry, have no fear
I know my ways, I got my bearings