Intro 2

You know?
Electric blue is the color of Florida
How do I know?
I've tested it out
I've gone down there in my black tuxedo, didn't work
Went down in my blue one and all the people flocked to me
They said sir, are you a travelling man?
I said I'm a travelling man, but I don't have anything to sell
Nothing to sell, except myself
The man looked at me funny
He said sir, I believe we're at odds here
But friend, I don't have any problem with that
Because I believe in individuality
And in Florida, the individuality can all seem a little overwhelming
The palm trees branch out in many different directions
As do peoples lives down there
A lot of people are from New York City
Lot of people are from Akron, Ohio
Some people are from Skokie
Me? I'm a man of the world
There's a lot of talk about a global village
I prefer the global village of Florida