Isn't It Nice To Know Your Name - The Crypt E.P.

I can't sit still, I think I need my fill I can't stand up, I think I better stop good things come in batches and holes are made for patches, so can you stitch me up cause I'm shit out of luck

Got people in the city, someone out in Jersey someone better hurry cause the winter's comin' early I think I feel a packet in my leather jacket the smartest people say "isn't it nice to know your name"

So burn, burn, burn as the tables will turn and ride, ride, ride as the cars will collide and burn, burn, burn as the pages will turn away, away

Today is looking great and tomorrow's just a day, and yesterday is gone, but I'm happy it's away got dollars in my pocket and ready for the rocket my bags are all packed up, tell the man to beam me up

I don't know what I'm going after, I try to go slow, but I only get faster everyone thinks that they know everything... admit you know nothing, please just let me think

ooh la la la, ooh la la la