The Active Rock Retro Remix Anthem - “ROCK N’ ROLL IS TRUE EP” (Bonus Rejoice Era EP)

I can’t stand the radio
You got nothing that I wanna know
You played that one two songs ago
And I didn’t like it the first time I heard it
Everyone that I talk to thinks this
It’s up to us to change your ways
It’s such a vicious cycle
It’s such a vicious cycle
Everybody’s comin’ for you

I can’t stand the cable news
You need tragedy to make it true
You’re making me as scared as you
But I think you just want me in front of the TV

It’s so much better in the comfort zone
But somehow we know that it’s not true
No, it’s not true

Well, what we need is peace of mind
When everything around is pointing us away
It’s not like we’re here all the time
But what’s the rush in getting there today