Zen Magic Marker

Virgin sand
Magic land
Mysterious idol from the orient
Open the shell, the pearl
Don’t hurt him or you’re gonna fuck up your world

Volcano, president
Lava flowing on the residents
Pompeii, stone people
Pink Floyd rockin’ the world

Sukiyaki, soup
Chicken, vegetables and noodles
You know tofu?
It’s the truth
It looks like cheese but it’s good for you
Come on

Seaside Heights, New Jersey
I picked up a hermit crab
He bit me, Danny
Then ran back into his shell

Good luck, fortune
Many years of happiness to come
Skee ball, prizes
Lights all flashing you’ve won

I am a winner, game of life
Yeah I am lucky to be here
One in a million, chance
That I was faster than the sperm

Egg, omelet
Ham and cheese, hash brown
You can’t stop it, the rocket
Is gonna fuckin’ mow your ass down
Sing it

Don’t you stop rockin’, kickin’ and stompin’
Go on for the gold
If you hit bottom, don’t let then stop ya
Love is in the world
In the world