Billy The Eagle

Walkin’ down the midway, got new feathers
Billy the Eagle got it all together
The people all turn and clap for the man
As he whistles his tune for the judges in the bandstand

Brian shouts “are you ready, set, go!”
And Billy the Eagle gonna start the show

He revs up and prepares to take off
Then all of a sudden he’s off, he’s off
He’s flying all around the stadium night
Droppin’ his magic everywhere in site

As he makes another pass he’s losing his steam
He’s lost his glow in the spotlight beam
But he sprinkles some magic right on to his head
And he does the loop-de-loop as the crowd goes mad

What’s he gonna do? what’s he gonna do now?

For the grand finale comes the ring of fire
With a gasp from the masses he flies up higher
He stands at attention while he waits for the sign
Then salutes the world as he goes for the dive

We sing oh oh oh “are you ready set go!”