Fireflies On The 4th Of July

Red red meat vegetarian, king stock broker, king librarian

The planetarium looks like the sky
It’s hard to believe that it’s all inside
Orion’s Belt, Laser Floyd
Field trip on the Fourth of July
Fireworks, people screamin’,
Scared as the dickens, some kids beamin'
I’m just watching all the reactions
All people are mental but control their actions

The sanitarium looks like a house
But you go inside things are crazy and loud
My friend Willie is a nut
He don’t drink beers but he plays with blocks
Did you ever punch someone?
“Did ya get hit back?”
Did you ever steal something?
“Then give it back?”
Well I did once, I robbed a gas station
Five am, the sun was raisin’
Took a hundred dollars with Papa Dave
I met him out back and we drove away
Then started feelin' weird about what we did
So we turned around and we broke back in

Fireflies on the Fourth of July

The cafetorium looks like a stage
But at twelve o clock it’s the lunch lady’s
Bringing milk and the peach flambé
And the coloring books and the Special K
Now it’s time for the skits
“Hey, what ya gonna do?”
I’m gonna pretend I’m the man on the moon
Or maybe a fireman or the president
And get my picture on the cent
The pennies, the nickels, the dimes, the quarters
The ice cream man sells bottled water, sparklers and jelly beans
He puts his truck away on Halloween