I'm heading out of town now
Ah, it's been a swell time seeing ya again old boy
Where am I off to?
Eh, it's hard to say
I'm sort of a wayfaring stranger
Home I may roam
Where is home?
I don't know
Why should I know where my home is, Red?
That I'm just not sure about
But I do know that I'll never forget ya old buddy
Ol Collegian
Ol whale watcher of mine
You're a big bunch of baleen, Red
And I love you for that
And you know that
And we're all going to walk together again someday
When my travels are completed I figure I'll get on a galleon perhaps and circumvent the world
Navigate through uncharted waters, and maybe spend a little time stuck in the Sargasso Sea
I don't know, like one of those little fish
They live there, why can't I?
Say Red I'm going to stay for a couple more nights, is that alright?
You're a good kid, Red