The Jack-O-Lantern

Peasants open up your presents
Cannot keep your parents waiting up all night
Run your errands
Lessons, study up your lessons
Cannot keep on guessing your entire life
Entire life

The jack-o-lantern's sitting in my window
Watching all the leaves blow
All across the patio
The children underneath the stairs
I don't know if they're really there
Or if I ever want to know the same
It's all the just the same
On a better day

The potion's dosage isn't potent
I still hear the rodents scratching through my wall
It's the ocean
Sea shells, pennies in the deep well
Can you see the church bells in your crystal ball
Your crystal ball

Well the clock is turning, the candle's burning all night
And the shudders shatter and it doesn't matter
The time has come
We've got no time and I'm in the mood tonight
To get out now and know somehow that it's just begun
And do you live, then do you have the right
To do what you want to get what you need
To make it back alright