Rock n' Roll Jubilee

There’s a feeling that’s moving all through the land
You can sit and watch or you can choose to stand
Life is changin’ something’s gonna give
I got the need to love, I got the need to live

I was walking down the street looking to the sky
Thinkin’ ‘bout the people, the passers by
I got on a bus and I dropped some change
This dude picks it up and says have a nice day
I said thanks, man
This dude was friendly
I then ran into my girl Cold Wendy
I told her how everyone was bein’ real
How the world was changing from what we feel

You got the flowers growin’ up the west side
The buildings shinin’ on the east side
The lovelight burnin’ from the inside
Come on

You got the fresh air blowin’ from the outside
The kids all lookin’ to the upside
‘Cause their all comin’ from the right side
Come on

‘Cause we all care
We all care
About you

Remember, love your neighbor and love yourself
Love the money that gives you wealth
So you can buy the things that you want
And help feed the store that you bought them from
‘Cause we all like buying and givin’ hellos
To the people we see at rock shows
It’s a rock n’ roll world where people are jumpin'
So raise your fists and keep on pumpin’