There Are People in the Clouds

Saturday's for swimming, ice cream and car keys
Must be the transmission so we're not gonna go today
Let's walk to the park and maybe rent a row boat
And eat some cheese-its - you're fucked up. Go.

There are people in the clouds

Friday night's for living, let's go to the movies
Broken leg and limpin so we're not gonna go today
Let's sit and watch the tv and play with the spiders
Come on and burn - fuck it, rock.

What ya gotta know, this is what ya gotta know
The thing about knowing - knowing, knowing, know
Wanna get to know? this is how to know
Then I tell ya no. Yes. No.

Monday's for school, crayons and cookies
Mom says I got symptoms so I'm not gonna go today
Game shows offer promise, I'm gonna spin the big wheel
Maybe lights will flash - there they go, there they go!!