Blown Away

You've come here for my breakfast
You've come here for my toast
You used to bring the sugar now the lump is in your throat
And what is so damn pressing
And what is so damn wrote
I think I got the answer and I think I gotta go

My instincts look out way beyond the seas
And I don't listen, that's why I'm coming clean
And I don't hear, but I'm trying everything
And I can't sleep, but I can dream

The world is glowing and everyone is showing it now
But I don't know and I don't care
Cause I still see you everywhere
My mind is blown away far from you now

You've come here for some focus
You've come here for the show
What once was entertaining now looks just like a joke
And what's with all the talking
Is this how you can cope
With the same old same old every day throw

Watch for the lesson deep in your confession
I know you remember the live's you've been messing