A Better Place

Cancel my subscription
The maniac won’t listen
going through transitions and I’m ready for anything
Think of my position
Instead of losing vision
Sight set on a mission and ready for anything now

Ain’t got no time to waste away
I’m feeling better every day
No longer staying in the shade
I want the sun and nothing less
I need a better place

Pardon this incision
But what ya doing wishing
While laying in your prison and waiting for everything
Take this as a given
Nothing comes from sittin’
Thinking that your living while waiting for waiting for everything

Now, you know you outta know this
You know this.

Take the time to drink up your water
Listen up and do what you outta
Pay no mind to what they taught ya
Go and fight for your sons and daughters
Think about what you believe in
You don’t know what you believe in
You just go with whatever’s in season
It doesn’t matter what the reason
It doesn’t matter.